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A fairly relaxing chase after work as I headed down to central Iowa for ongoing storms off to the east. I thought there would be a bit more potential for new development in North-Central Iowa but the storms just couldn't get going as it was lacking enough deep convergence. I knew it wasn't a tornado day anyways, so I got exactly what I was hoping for, some neat towers!

As I got down to near Ames, the towers were really bubbling up and looking nice off to the east.

As sunset got even closer, the anvil spread and got some nice shadows on the clouds.

After sunset I stopped for some nice lightning shots. The storm was very electrically active, but some mid-level clouds came in behind it that made for not as nice of a shot. I stopped once but decided to move on, then stopped again and did some night-time shots. I can't remember the last time I saw the Milky Way bands! That and the fireflies made for some really great shots.

The full gallery is also available here.