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May 24, 2002 - Western Oklahoma Linear storms

Well, what a day! We started out from Amarillo with the plan to head
southeast, towards Childress, TX. Stopped for lunch at a MCdonalds, and
that set the stage for the rest of the day...... Many stops....

With some nowcasting help from Bob Conzemius and Andy Revering, we decided to play the cold
front to the north. As we headed to the east, an MCD was issued, followed
shortly by a tornado box. A call to Bob C. and we found out the IHOP armada
was set up near Kellerville to Wheeler, TX. We headed up to I-40 to blast
east and caught up to the CU field near about Shamrock, TX. We saw the
cells firing up on the dryline to the south, and took a look at them or
radar as well. We wanted to stick to our guns though and wait for the front
to fire.

Heading east, we caught some radar shots of a line filling to the north and
south from Childress. To make a long story short, everything went
"blobular", or, into a big long line of storms moving to the east. We
caught up to them around Erik, OK. Around the same time, we saw some of the
mobile mesonet vehicles, and then the armada near Elk City, OK. We all
headed in to OKC for the evening.

All in all, a somewhat disappointing day, given the potential that it had.
But, we got to see the storms go up to the south, and got to sit out a
little bit of hail core off the road with one of the DOW's. It was fun
coming into OKC with a DOW and about 9 mesonet cars. The look on people's
faces was hysterical.

Tomorrow looks to be south, not sure if we're going to go or not. We're
wiped out and not feeling good tonight. Thanks again to Andy for the
nowcasting, and collecting data for me for later, and to Bob C. who was
nowcasting for us as well, while working the IHOP rounds as well. Thanks to
you both!