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July 21, 2001 - Southwestern SD storms

Headline: Lots of driving, not too much of a return.

Jamie and I headed out on a SPC Moderate risk day that we shouldn't have gone on. The risk was in far western North Dakota. At the 2000Z outlook update, they dropped the risk to slight, which was a good call on their part. We spent the entire day driving west on I-94 through Fargo. At about Jamestown, we dropped south into South Dakota and headed west. We forgot that there are very few places to cross the river, and ended up crossing it in Pierre. We got a couple radar shots(1) (2), and also talked to Bob Conzemius for some direction. There wasn't much happening. Some semi-severe storms we moving into South Dakota from Nebraska, but not much happened. We got a few pictures and some video, but it was getting dark. We got headed back, and decided to stay in Chamberlain, SD for the night.

Miles: A lot.