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July 17, 2001 - Randall, MN supercell

Debated all day long about whether or not Jamie and I wanted to chase today. We went out to dinner and came back, planning on going to a movie. But, when we got back, a nice cell had just started it's right turn to come south. So, Jamie and I headed up 10 toward Brainerd. We stayed on 10, and stopped just to the Northwest of Randall, MN. Very gorgeous shelf cloud coming in. As we stayed there, we heard of tornado reports to the Northeast of us. Also noted that there was very little to no surface inflow. Winds were very weak out of the south to southwest. While sitting, I decided to give a call to Shaun Kelley and see if he happened to be around. At that time he was just east of Randall, now with a tornado warning for something, I think it was 6 North of Randall. Right after Randall, it appeared to go completely outflow dominant.

We headed into Randall, while the sirens were going off. Headed east a bit and saw a feature behind the shelf cloud doing its best wall cloud imitation. Headed Southeast and kept on going. Saw MANY ambulances headed North on 10 on our way home (Later found out that several people had been struck by lightning at Camp Ripley). Stopped in Royalton for some lightning photography as well as to take some shots of the AWESOME shelf cloud to the west.

Got back to STC and monitored to see if Skywarn was a possibility. But, we got missed, just having the blast of air go through. A little rain and some lighting right now. Just watching the outflow move through MSP on radar.

Overall, a fun storm, great look to it as we headed north into it. Only wish was that we had stayed on the west side of it to see what was going on back in there. Just a beautiful storm though. Gorgeous shelf cloud and hopefully I got some of the lightning on film.