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May 15, 2001 - Brainerd, MN severe storms

Jamie, Joel Lampe, Meredith Lindrud and I set out from STC on this one.

Our first attempt was in Sauk Center area, where the cold front was just passing through and a line was trying desperately to get started to our NE. We went north to intercept, but were behind them the whole time.

Our second attempt was to catch the warned cells heading east out of Wadena, so we raced up 10 and 371 to BRD and east on 210 to Hwy 65 & McGregor. They were dying, so we flanked the back side south, just in case and then headed home on 23. Heard on news at 10 that there were funnels and waterspouts west, south and on Red Lake. A fairly long drive, without much to show. Got in a couple boxes though.

Rory Groves also chased from the Twin Cities. You can see his chase account here.